Last Updated: 2/16/2023

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Tips

Why you must replace a motorcycle helmet after an accident!

Even the most minor motorcycle accidents can cause serious, yet virtually invisible, damage to a motorcycle helmet. Minor scratches or small dents often fail to accurately reflect any interior issues with the inner protective padding, which is why it is so important to discard a helmet if it has been involved in a wreck.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, if your head struck anything at all during a motorcycle accident, chances are that the helmet absorbed at least some impact shock. This can have a serious impact on the effectiveness of the helmet in the event of another accident, which is why it should be replaced.

Most helmet manufacturers are willing to inspect a damaged helmet and make repairs if necessary, but when in doubt, it is typically best to simply buy a new one.

The same holds true if a helmet is dropped harder than normal. While helmets are designed to be durable enough to withstand normal wear and tear, if your helmet fell from a significant height or from the back of a fast-moving vehicle, chances are that the interior or the outer shell may have sustained some damage and it should be replaced to be on the safe side.

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