First of all, you may not need an attorney.  That is right; I am an attorney telling you that you may not need to hire me.  If the damages are relatively minor such that there are no permanent scars or other permanent injuries then you should consider handling the case on your own.  Although, if you or your child have permanent injuries such as scarring and/or mental issues such as being scared around dogs then you should definitely consider hiring an attorney early on for several reasons. 
1. There can be mistakes made that can cost literally thousands of dollars. 
2. An attorney will help increase the value of the case by obtaining doctors' reports and opinions. 
3. After gathering all the facts, an experienced injury attorney will know what the value of the case is. 
4. An attorney will help deal with subrogation claims (claims made by your health insurance) and often will be able to put more money in your pocket just by being involved, knowing the law and dealing with these claims. 
5.  The attorney will be the one who deals with the insurance company so you do not have to. 

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