Golden Dog bearing teethDog bites are becoming more common among people of all ages.  There are many reasons why a dog may bite.  Some dogs bite out of fear in an attempt to protect their territory or to establish dominance over a person.  Dogs may also bite because their owners mistakenly teach their dogs that biting is an acceptable form of play behavior.  Some dogs are more prone to biting.  If you fall victim to a dog bite the following are things you should do to protect yourself: 

1. CALL 911 

         If they send an ambulance, police officer, or animal control officer to deal with the situation, remember to try to stay calm so you can explain what happened.


         You need to get medical attention as soon as possible after being bitten and follow all physician instructions relating to your care. Don't delay in seeking medical attention as it could negatively impact your claim.


         Try to identify the dog and where the dog lives. If it's a stray you could end up having to get rabies treatments, which can be very painful.


         You should take good pictures of your injuries on the date of the attack and at reasonable intervals afterward, usually about every 3-4 days. It is important to document the appearance of your injuries including any abrasions, bruises, and cuts you have sustained. 
For the complete list of things you should do if bitten by a dog you can request our FREE book, "Iowa Consumer's Guide to Dog Bites- Secrets to Not Get Bitten by Your Case" which is available to you with no risk or obligation by clicking here or by calling 641-792-3595

Why offer a Free Dog Bite Book?  Since 1997, I have been representing injured Iowans, including many dog bite victims from central Iowa and throughout the state.  I have heard too many horror stories about people making costly mistakes, causing them to lose thousands of dollars.  Before you talk to the insurance company you should know your rights and perhaps more importantly your responsibilities.   

If you need immediate assistance, contact us online or call us at (641) 792-3595.  We have fully staffed offices in Des Moines, Newton, Ankeny, and Marshalltown.  If you are not local to us, we will come to you.

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