Last Updated: 12/14/2023

If you are handling your claim on your own, then you can contact the insurance adjustor assigned to your case.  However, keep in mind that the insurance adjustor is not there to help you or assist you.  They do not even have to tell you what the law is or even the truth about your case.  So use caution when speaking with and agreeing to what the insurance adjustor tells you.  If you decide to seek legal assistance with your workers compensation case then you would contact your attorney with questions about your benefits.  You may or may not need an attorney in your case. 

Learn More About Your Benefits and Rights as an Injured Worker

In our new book entitled Iowa Workers' Compensation, An Insider's Guide to Work Injuries that we tell you whether or not you need an attorney and how the system works in plain English.  We offer the book at no risk or cost to Iowa injured workers because we have seen far too many hard working people make costly mistakes in their Iowa work injury claims that cost them thousands of dollars and sometimes their entire case.  Request your copy to learn more.

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