Don't Damage Your Injury Case by Not Taking Care of Yourself!

When you are injured, even the most active people lose their luster for activity. Pain from a work injury can make exercise physically impossible, and even if walking or lifting weights is at all possible, pain and depression can zap the energy and zest you have to perform the exercise to zero. What are some ways to keep the pounds off while you are recovering from being hurt at work?  Here are four tips:

Meal Planning

Planning meals doesn’t just help people lose weight, it can also help maintain a weight. Keep a journal of what you going to eat. Fill your diet with low-calorie foods like fruit, vegetables and chicken. Planning meals ensures that your intake of food is just what your body needs. Good nutrition can also speed the process of healing along. You might also want to consider eating in as opposed to going out. Not only will this save money, but it will keep you away from grease and unnecessary calories. Water should be your number one drink, because it helps regulate digestion.

Be on time!

Have you ever heard a health professional say that you should wake up and go to sleep on a regular schedule? Same works for eating. If you eat on a regular schedule, your body gets used to processing food at that time. According to Spinal Cord Injury Network, people with spinal injuries should eat about every three or four hours each day. While this website specifically aims to help those with spinal injuries, the rules of healthy eating can pertain to any injury.


Are you a “stress-eater”? When you are healthy, stress abounds. When you are injured, stress is magnified immensely. The secret is to channel the stress away from your mouth. The use of calming music, watching TV, even playing games with family and friends—anything that can take your mind off of your hunger may also take your mind off of your pain.

Support system

Humans are social creatures for a reason. We rely on each other for so much, and support is one of them. Have a support system when it comes to eating. Ask your brother not to take you out to eat as much. Ask your husband to cook in for a while. Ask your wife to buy only what’s on the grocery list. 

While your injury is part of your life now, you don’t have to let it become your life. While you may not have control over the injury itself, you can control your weight. Being healthy during the healing process can establish itself into healthy habits after the injury, or if the injury is not healable, healthy eating habits that reduce weight can reduce strain on the injury. 

Iowans are beginning to realize that if they have been hurt at work, they need to look-out for themselves, because the insurance company is not there to protect them and their best interests.  If you would like to learn more about Iowa work injuries including 7 Deadly Mistakes to avoid if you are hurt on the job in Iowa, then request a copy of our Iowa Workers’ Compensation book that we offer at no cost because we have seen far too many workers hurt on the job in Ankeny Iowa who did not learn about their rights and responsibilities until it was too late.  Now you can learn about Iowa’s Workers Compensation laws in the comfort of your own home with no risk or obligation.  If you want to speak with someone directly, contact us or call (888) 435-9886 and ask to speak with Corey or Erik.

Corey Walker
With over 20 years legal experience, Corey has been recognized for his work as an injury attorney.