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Neck injuries are one of the most common types of injuries in a car accident. In many cases a neck injury in a car accident occurs from being rear-ended, such as while sitting in traffic on the I-235 in Des Moines.

This may cause whiplash, which is a sprain and strain to the soft tissues in the neck. However, some accident victims suffer more serious injuries. The consequences of a serious neck injury, such as a broken neck, can be lasting and debilitating.

If you or a loved one has suffered a broken neck in a car accident, you could be facing large medical bills, uncertainty about your future and extensive pain and suffering. Make sure you receive any and all compensation that might be due to you to help you cope with your financial burden and other effects of the injury.

An attorney can help you build a case against the responsible party to help you recover damages related to the accident.

What is a broken neck?

A broken neck is a serious injury that refers to a fracture of a cervical vertebra. The severity of the injury varies and is related to the damage to the spinal cord. If the spinal cord is not damaged, the individual has an excellent chance for a full recovery from the injury. If the spinal cord is damaged, the individual could face lasting effects, which might include quadriplegia in severe cases.

In more serious cases, such as those involving quadriplegia or partial paralysis, the injured person may never be able to work again or live a normal life. In less extreme cases, the individual may still face huge medical bills and a long recovery process that causes him or her to miss significant work and undergo surgery and extensive therapies.

Determining the Value of Damages after a Broken Neck

The seriousness of your neck injury from a car accident and resulting costs will play a large role in the monetary value of your case.

For example, if you sustained a broken neck that required surgery, follow-up therapy and months away from work, your case would likely be awarded less of a monetary value than if you sustained a broken neck that caused quadriplegia. The court and/or insurance company will look at your medical bills to date, lost wages, and future ability to earn wages.

The liability of the other party is another important consideration. If you were partially at fault for the accident, it could reduce your damages proportionate to your percentage of fault. If you are deemed 51 percent or more liable for the accident or your injuries, then Iowa’s modified comparative negligence law bars you from recovering damages.

In such a case, you may have to rely on your health insurance and any applicable coverage on your own car insurance to pay for damages related to your broken neck.

Your attorney can assist you by building a case against the liable party and will handle any defenses presented by the other party to ensure that your story is heard and you are treated fairly.

Call an Attorney if You Suffered a Broken Neck in an Iowa Car Accident

If you’ve sustained a neck injury in a car accident, you might be suffering physically, emotionally and financially. Mounting medical bills, lost time at work and reduced ability to perform your job in the future are all concerns that add stress to your situation.

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