Last Updated: 7/27/2023

If one of the company doctors gives you a permanent impairment rating for your work injury, then you will likely receive a check for your rating.  This check may be a lump-sum check for several weeks or smaller weekly checks depending upon if you have been back to work or not.  If you receive a check, then chances are that you can go ahead and cash it.  However, you should not sign any settlement paperwork or you will be agreeing to sign away your rights.  Some insurance companies will try to get you to sign paperwork before they will send you an impairment rating check, but this is not right.  If their doctor gives you an impairment rating for your work injury, the insurance company should pay you the rating amount without being required to sign any settlement paperwork.  Keep in mind that by cashing the check, so long as you are not signing settlement documents, you are not agreeing that this is the only or correct amount of compensation that you should receive.  Further, generally workers' compensation benefits are not taxable and you will not receive a 1099, W-2 or other tax document concerning the money you receive.

However, just because they sent you a check for your impairment rating does not mean that they have paid you the correct amount.  Often the impairment rating is only a small part of what you are actually owed for your workman comp claim.  There are time limits for you to pursue additional benefits so do not delay.  Just give us a Call Now at (641) 792-3595 to speak with one of our attorneys to find out if you are owed more benefits.  If one of our worker injury attorneys is not available, just ask to schedule a no cost workers compensation injury evaluation either in person or by phone.  Further, if you do not already have our Iowa Work Injury book which describes the Iowa Injured Workers Bill of Rights and much more, request your copy now.
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