When a Third Party Contributes to Your Des Moines Work Accident (Part A)

If you were injured in a Des Moines work accident, you may be able to pursue a third-party claim in addition to Workers' Compensation. An Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney can evaluate your case to determine who was negligent in your work-related accident and if it involved someone outside of your place of employment.

Any employee who is injured while on the job is entitled to receive Workers' Compensation benefits; however, the situation can become complicated when another party is involved -- someone other than the employer or other co-workers. This is why you should seek legal help after your Des Moines work accident.

Overview of a Third-Party Claim

Employees cannot sue their employers for injuries that occur while at work, if they accept payments from Workers' Compensation. Employers are protected from lawsuits when these benefits are paid. Even if an employer was clearly negligent and was the direct cause of your injuries, you cannot seek legal recourse against them.

However, in some cases your injuries may have been caused by another person or company who is not related to your place of employment. This may lead you to file what is called a third-party claim. A third party may be negligent for part or all of your injuries. An Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney can help in making this determination. It will depend on the circumstances surrounding your Des Moines work accident. 

Pursuing a Workers' Compensation claim can take time, and a third-party claim will delay it further. But it may be worth it if your injuries were severe. You may be limited in the type of compensation you can receive through Workers' Compensation only. You may have other damages that are not covered and are strictly the fault of a third party, which means you'll want to contact your Iowa workers' compensation attorney to help you file a claim right away.

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