Last Updated: 6/22/2023

Every ten seconds another car accident occurs.  While road and weather conditions play a role in many car accidents, there are a few main reasons why car accidents occur.  Being aware of these reasons and actively avoiding them can help you and your loved ones to stay safer on the road and avoid car accidents in Iowa.

  1. Distracted Drivers – By far the biggest reason for car accidents in Iowa is distracted drivers.  With an astronomically high amount of car crashes, 50 percent, being attributed to distracted driving, it’s definitely a topic to discuss with every driver in your family.  The reasons for being distracted involve talking or texting on a cell phone, eating, reading, grooming or even watching TV.  Simply put, avoid any activity that takes your eyes off of the road in order to avoid distracted driving and a car accident.
  1. Fatigued Drivers – Tired drivers are a close runner up at 100,000 accidents per year resulting from fatigued drivers.  Just as dangerous as distracted driving, tired drivers have decreased reaction times which results in more car accidents.  To avoid driving while tired, get a good night’s sleep, take breaks from driving often, share the driving if possible and if necessary pull over and stop driving if the fatigue is affecting your driving.
  1. Drunk Drivers – Killing over 17,000 Americans each year, drunk drivers are a major hazard on the roads of Iowa.  To avoid car accidents caused by drunk drivers, do not get behind the wheel after drinking or let anyone else behind the wheel after they have been drinking.
  1. Speeding – Speeding is a large cause for car accidents in Iowa.  Speeding results in a harsher car crash, making the impact and results more devastating.  It also cuts down the time drivers have to try to avoid a potential car accident.  To avoid car accidents that are a result from speeding, pay close attention to the speed limit and obey it.
  1. Aggressive Driving – Any driver that doesn’t obey the speed limit or rules of the road, screams profanities or gives gestures to other drivers, tailgates unnecessarily or changes lanes unsafely is considered to be an aggressive driver.  The only result from aggressive driving is potential car accidents and injuries.  Drivers need to slow down, take a deep breath and pay attention to the road to avoid further car accidents in Iowa.
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