You may be entitled to compensation through an Iowa dog bite claim if you or a loved one sustained serious injuries in a dog attack. A dog bite lawyer in Iowa will evaluate your case to determine if you have a valid claim that's worth pursuing.

Injuries from a dog bite can be disfiguring, even life-threatening. Not only are there physical injuries suffered from this type of incident but there's likely to be psychological damage as well. You may be able to recover damages for all of your emotional and physical injuries through an Iowa dog bite claim.

An Overview of Iowa Dog Bite Claim Laws

It's important to understand how Iowa state laws may impact your Iowa dog bite claim. A dog bite lawyer in Iowa can explain the most recent, up-to-date laws to you.

The liability statute in Iowa is that the owner of a dog is liable for all damages related to their dog attacking or biting another person. The only exception to this rule would be if the victim had been acting in an unlawful manner. For instance, if someone was to break into a house and the dog attacked them, the owner of the dog would be excluded from liability.

The liability statue doesn't apply to owners whose dogs have rabies, unless the owner had knowledge of it and could've prevented the victim from being injured.

Some states have a dangerous dog statute, which focuses on specific breeds of dogs that are known to be dangerous; however, the state of Iowa doesn't practice this statute so it won't affect your Iowa dog bite claim. Contact your dog bite lawyer in Iowa to learn more about your rights to having a dog put down after attacking you or your child in Iowa.

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