Black semi truck parked on the side of the road by a cliffHere in Iowa we have a few large trucking companies that hire truck drivers from throughout the USA.  Many of these truck companies have policies in place that say that Iowa has jurisdiction of your work injury even if you live and/or were hurt in another state.  Iowa's workers' compensation laws are among the best in the country for injured workers when it comes to payments of temporary and permanent benefits.  However, we are an employer choice state, which generally means that your employer and/or their insurance company will direct your medical care to doctors of their choice.  While your employer may want you to return to Iowa for medical care and light duty work, keep in mind that you may not be required to do so depending upon the facts in your case.  There are rules concerning medical care and work offers under Iowa work comp laws.  Instead of getting frustrated and treating on your own or coming back to Iowa for treatment, you should learn your rights and responsibilities under our workers' compensation laws. 

We offer injured workers with an Iowa work injury a case evaluation by phone or in person that we provide at no cost or risk to you.  Call now (641) 792-3595 and if one of our work injury attorneys is available we will speak with you right away.  Otherwise, if our lawyers are busy helping other injured workers then ask to schedule a phone conference.  That way we will not play phone tag and you will have a time and date to talk to a qualified workers' compensation attorney who will answer your questions, explain your rights, etc.  You can also request our Iowa Workers' Compensation book at no cost or obligation.

So whether you live in California, New York, Texas or another state, our work injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you in your work comp claim.

We have successfully handled hundreds of workers' compensation cases including many against Heartland Express of North Liberty, TMC Transportation of Des Moines, CRST of Cedar Rapids, Dohrn of Ankeny, Schuster of Le Mars and Barr-Nunn of Granger.  If we accept your case, we will handle it based upon a contingency fee, which means you do not pay a retainer and we will not charge you anything on the benefits you are currently receiving.  If we earn a fee in your case, then it will be a percentage of what we are able to obtain for you.  Unlike some Iowa workers' compensation attorneys, we do not take a fee on benefits that are voluntarily paid to you.  While we cannot legally say we are the best workers' compensation attorneys in Iowa, you can look at our track record (Results on our webpage) and what past clients have to say (Testimonials on our webpage) and decide for yourself.
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