Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claims for Back Injuries (Part A)

When you suffer from severe back injuries due to your work conditions, you may be able to file Iowa Workers' Compensation claims with the assistance of a Waterloo, Iowa Workers' Compensation lawyer.

Workplace back injuries are not uncommon. Depending on the type of job you hold, you may be at an extreme risk for back injuries that could leave you temporarily or permanently out of work.

Common Workplace Activity Resulting in Back Injuries

If your job involves any of the following, you may be at risk of sustaining a back injury: 


  • Repetitive movement - you may think that continually being in motion is a good thing for your body in general. However, performing the same movements over and over can cause back pain. Additionally, any fast-paced twists or turns could easily cause a back injury.
  • Stressful environment - stress can permeate numerous places in your body, but one of the most prominent places stress will invade and cause injury to is your lower back.
  • Prolonged inactivity - it is not good for your body to remain in one position for a long period of time. If your job consists of sitting or standing all day, this can create aches and pains, and weaken your lower and upper back tremendously. Experts advise that you change positions every 20 minutes.
  • Heavy lifting - If your job consists of heavy lifting, you should be trained on proper lifting techniques. You should also ask for help when lifting heavy objects. If your back muscles become too fatigued or stressed, they may give out, causing serious injury to your back.  

Through Iowa Workers' Compensation claims, you may be able to obtain benefits that will ease your financial concerns if you are forced to miss time from work because of your back injury. If your Iowa Workers' Compensation claims have been denied or if you have not received the benefits you think you are entitled to, contact a Waterloo, Iowa, Workers' Compensation lawyer.

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