Workers' Compensation for Rotator Cuff Surgery to Repair a Work Injury

A rotator cuff injury can occur after many types of accidents, or from no accident at all.

Rotator cuff surgery from a work injury may be required after any of these injuries.

  • Falling on your shoulder
  • Overextending your arm
  • Using your shoulder in a repetitive motion

When one of these incidents occurs at work and causes your rotator cuff injury, workers' compensation should cover all of the treatment to get your shoulder fully healed.

The only way to repair a rotator cuff injury is through surgery. Anti-inflammatory and pain medications can only mask the symptoms for so long before surgical repair is necessary. The sooner you agree to surgery, the better, but many workers are reluctant to get surgery because they're unsure of their workers' comp coverage.

Surgery to Repair Damage from a Work Injury is Covered

Workers' compensation benefits are required to cover all reasonable medical costs related to recovery and rehabilitation from a work-related injury. If your doctor is suggesting surgery to repair your torn rotator cuff; it is a medically necessary procedure for your recovery and therefore covered by your benefits.

An example of when your treatment may be denied is when you elect to undergo an experimental or elective procedure. If you wanted to try acupuncture instead of the doctor-recommended surgery, your workers' compensation benefits might not cover acupuncture treatments because it is not a doctor-approved treatment option.

Make Sure You Follow Doctor's Orders

When you are receiving workers' compensation benefits for an extended period it's important to follow all of your doctor's instructions. If you need surgery, you should follow the doctor's advice and go for the procedure. Following your rotator cuff surgery you should follow instructions for bed rest, keeping the shoulder immobilized, and taking appropriate medications.

Don’t return to work until your doctor allows you to do so. Some workers worry that their employer won’t have any work for them and so attempt to return to work early. Don’t do this, and if you are running into problems with your employer after a work accident, exercise your rights by hiring a workers’ comp attorney.

If Your Employer Refuses to Pay for Rotator Cuff Surgery, We Can Help

When your rotator cuff injury occurred on the job or because of the regular work you do, your care and rehabilitation should be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

If your employer refuses to file your claim or the workers' comp insurance company fails to cover all of your reasonable medical expenses, Walker, Billingsley & Bair is here to help. Call (888) 435-9886 or fill out our online contact form to find out about your legal options for ensuring your work injury medical expenses are covered.

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