Tips to Finding the Best Workers Compensation Attorney in Iowa

Yes, just like every other occupation there are good and great attorneys in Iowa.  You will want the best attorney working on your case, but what should you look for.  In this article we give you a few tips in finding the best workers compensation attorney for your work injury matter. 

            1. First and foremost you want to make sure the attorney practices Iowa workers' compensation law.  If you hire an attorney from another state, then that attorney will have to hire an attorney in Iowa to pursue the case before the Iowa workers compensation agency.  I know this may seem pretty basic, but keep in mind that attorneys from other states advertise in Iowa looking to make a referral fee and not actually represent you.  Look to see where their physical offices are located and make sure that are an Iowa based law firm, not just attorneys using office share space in Iowa. 

            2. Next you should look to see what kind of experience the attorney has with helping injured workers.  The information you are looking for is how long have they practiced law, how many injured workers have they helped, have they written a book about Iowa work comp laws, do they offer free information to injured workers and what do their past clients have to say.  If the attorney does not have these things then you may want to keep looking.  Experience handling cases is important as you do not want someone who just occasionally handles a workers' compensation claim representing you because the laws change often and if the attorney is not current on things then a costly mistake could be made.  A mistake that could end up costing you thousands of dollars. 

            3. What an attorneys past clients have to say is very important.  Did the attorney return phone calls timely?  Was the attorney helpful throughout the case?  Did the attorney explain the process?  Some of the best workers compensation attorneys in Iowa have client testimonials listed on their webpage in written format and also in videos done by their past clients.  Also, you can go online to attorney review site and look up the attorney to see what past clients say about their services.  Before you decide on which attorney to hire, look to see what his past clients have said.  Also, if the attorney tells you that "everything is confidential" then that should raise a red flag because obviously attorneys are allowed to publish client testimonials with client permission.

            4. Going hand and hand with experience is results.  You will want to look for what results they have obtained for their clients.  Results matter and if the attorney cannot provide you with a list of at least some results then this should raise a red flag.  Perhaps the attorney has not handled very many cases or perhaps they have not obtained very good results for their clients.  While each case is different and the prior results do not mean that you will receive the same result, you at least want to make sure the attorney has successfully handled Iowa workers' compensation cases. 

Before you decide on who is the best workers' compensation attorney for you and your case you should look at experience, results and testimonials.  We provide this information here on our webpage.

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