Last Updated: 11/9/2023

Workers' Compensation

Who will pay your medical bills will vary depending on how you were injured.  If you were injured at work, generally, your employer and/or their insurance company has to provide you with medical care and treatment.  This includes them paying for all treatment that they offer to you.  If your injuries are severe enough, this can include modifications to your home and lost wages incurred by your spouse or loved one caring for you.  Also, there are circumstances when they can be held responsible for paying medical expenses that you incur with medical providers not approved by them.  For example, if your work injury claim has been denied, they lose control over your medical treatment and may be responsible for paying the bills.  There are other limited circumstances when you can seek medical care with a provider who is not approved and they will be required to pay for it. 

To learn more about your rights in your worker's compensation, request your copy of our Workers' Compensation Injury Book at No Cost or obligation.  You will get the information you need to avoid common mistakes and to protect your rights.  If you want to speak with someone immediately, CALL (641) 792-3595 and speak to one of our injury attorneys now.

Personal Injury (Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Dog Bites, etc)

If you have been injured in a car or truck crash, it will be much different.  In Iowa car accident cases, rarely will the other driver's insurance company make payments for your medical bills.  This in true even if their liability is obvious and they have already paid for your property damage.  The other driver's insurance company is not required to make payments and insurance companies routinely make payments only at the time of a final settlement when they can obtain a release.  Therefore, you should not expect that the other driver’s insurance company will pay your medical bills as they are incurred. You should look to one of the following means to obtain payment of your medical bills (please keep in mind that I can assist you in choosing the best method to pay medical your expenses):

  1. Your own health insurance from your employment benefits package.
  2. Your own health insurance that you may have paid for personally. 
  3. Health insurance obtained by your spouse for your benefit or by your parents if you are under age and living with such parents. 
  4. Medical payments insurance coverage from your own insurance policy if you were driving your automobile or were a passenger in a vehicle.  Sometimes, you can receive this coverage both from the insurance company for the vehicle you were in and your own insurance company if you were not in your own vehicle.   
  5. or Medicaid- If you are not covered under an insurance plan you may be eligible for one of the insurance programs under the Affordable Care Act.  You should go online, contact a local insurance agent or your local Department of Human Services to find-out.
  6. Your own personal funds if you were not insured and are able to pay medical bills as they are incurred. 

With medical debt rising as shown in the article (US Health Care & Medical Debt Statistics) you may not have the funds to pay. If there are insufficient funds to pay doctors, hospitals, and other medical bills, our office will help facilitate assignments whereby the client authorizes our office to pay the medical provider directly from any settlement or verdict.  These will often serve to satisfy the health provider and often they will wait until the time of settlement rather than pursue collection against you. 

Keep in mind that almost all insurance policies have a subrogation provision.  What this means is simply that they require reimbursement if you obtain money for your medical bills from another party or insurance company.

Insurance companies are not looking out for your interests.  Before you sign any paperwork for the insurance company, request your copy of our Iowa Car Accident book at No Cost.  Avoid common mistakes that can cost you valuable compensation for your case.  If you want to speak with someone immediately, CALL (641) 792-3595 and speak to one of our injury attorneys now.

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