Last Updated: 1/11/2023

Workers' Compensation

If you have a work injury, while you are healing and unable to work, you will receive weekly checks to replace your usual earnings.  This applies both if you are completely unable to work (known as TTD- temporary total disability benefits) or if you return to work, but are working less than 40 hours per week (known as TPD- temporary partial disability benefits).  The amount of your weekly payments, also known as your “weekly benefits”, is based upon your average earnings prior to the work injury, known as your AWW- Average Weekly Wage.  If you are paid on an hourly basis, generally your rate will be based upon your average wages for a 13 week period prior to your work injury, excluding short weeks (weeks in which you should have, but did not work a full 40 hours for a reason like illness, etc).  Your weekly rate is based upon your marital status, your number of exemptions, and your AWW- Average Weekly Wage multiplied times 80% of your spendable weekly earnings.  For a link to the chart where you can look up your rate based upon AWW, etc. go to Note: there are different rules that apply if you were injured while working on a part-time job, were paid a salary, etc.  If you are required to miss work to attend doctors' appointments, physical therapy or other medical appointments then you are to be reimbursed for the time you miss from work.

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Personal Injury (Car Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Dog Bites, etc)

If you have been injured in a car or truck accident in Iowa, you are entitled to recover your lost wages (also known as loss of earnings) caused by your injuries.  Wages, commissions, bonuses and all other earnings and fringe benefits are recoverable. You can recover the full value of your lost wages even if your employer or disability insurance has paid all or part of them.  However, these will not be paid while the case is pending and when you are actually missing work.  Lost wages will be recovered as part of your total amount received at the end of your case.

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