Posted on Jan 30, 2013

With Iowa's budget surplus for 2013 expected to be close to $1,000,000,000 why would the governor attack state workers?  While most of us pay for all or at least a portion of our own health insurance coverage it seems that the governor's attack is upon state employees who are part of a union.  Governor Branstad has a history of not getting along well with unions as he vetoed a salary bill for state workers who were part of a union in 1991 and the union workers filed suit.  The union was successful against the governor so perhaps this is part of the bad blood between the governor and unions.  While we should all pay our "fair share" for health insurance, the "fair share" amount that state workers should pay is up for debate.  Many of these state union workers are police officers who generally do a great job of keeping Iowans safe.  

Overall, it is difficult for the governor to ask for health care concessions from union workers when the state's budget is doing so well.  Not that we want to waste the surplus, but perhaps this is not the best time for the governor to ask for a "fair share" health insurance concession from union workers.


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