Posted on Feb 02, 2017

Right now, Iowa lawmakers are considering several bills that would reduce your rights.  The proposed legislation includes major attacks on the legal rights of Iowans who need our civil justice and workers' compensation systems to provide for themselves and their families.   

The Iowa Association for Justice is an advocacy group that we belong to which helps protect the rights of injured Iowans.  We are asking you to please join their Advocacy Network to hear ways you can reach out to your lawmakers about the importance of protecting the rights of Iowans.  There is no cost or risk as your are simply agreeing to receive 5-6 emails between now and May that alert you to dangerous legislation that you can encourage your lawmakers to oppose.  Also, if you want to you can opt-out at any time. 

Please join the hundreds of fellow Iowans who are already part of the group and help us fight back against attacks on your legal rights:

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