Attorney Payments

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I'm sure you are wondering, if you decide to hire an attorney, how will you pay your attorney? First of all, I want you to know that there is no risk to you in hiring an attorney. Because if you are currently receiving weekly benefits and then decide to hire an attorney, that attorney should not take any fees on the benefits you are currently being paid. Also, if you receive an impairment rating, and your attorney does nothing to obtain it for you, then the attorney should not charge you a fee on those benefits. There are some attorneys who disagree with me on this and may try to charge you a fee on your weekly benefits and your impairment rating. But I think it is wrong to do this. If I did not do anything to get your benefits for you, then I should not receive a fee on them. Almost every qualified work injury attorney will agree to take your case on what is called contingency fee. That means, unless the attorney is able to get you more compensation than what the insurance company voluntarily pays you, then you will not have to pay the attorney, any attorney fees. Some attorneys will ask you advanced expenses such as cost for expert reports and filing fees. I do not ask you to advance any costs. Because I understand that financially you are probably struggling after your work injury, which is why I do not ask for you to pay any expenses up front. If we are successful in your case, then you will reimburse us for out of pocket expenses, in addition to our attorney fees, which is a percentage of your recovery, depending upon how far your case goes. If your case is settled before filing the petition, the fee is less than if we file a petition and litigate your case. If we have a trial and there is an appeal then our percentage is higher if we do not obtain any compensation above what you voluntarily paid, then you owe us nothing, not even our out of pocket expenses, which is why there is no risk to you. If your claim has been denied and you are not receiving Workers Compensation benefits, then your attorney will charge you a fee upon the entire recovery. Once again, the fee will be a percentage depending upon how far your case goes.

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