Denied Claims

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What if your claim has been denied? As you probably realize the workers compensation insurance company would rather keep their money, then pay your claim. So if they can find a way to deny your case they will. Sometimes this means sending you to a doctor for what they call an independent medical examination. or other times, they will just have a doctor read your records and provide an opinion in order to deny your case. Either way, if your case has been denied, this does not mean that you should just give up because many valid claims are denied every year. If the workers compensation insurance company denies your claim, then under Iowa Code Section 85.38. If you have health insurance, then your health insurance is required to pay for your medical care. You will need to provide your health insurance company with a written denial letter from the workers compensation insurance company and must timely appeal the denial or risk having your medical bills not being paid. The same thing applies if you have a short term disability policy, which denies your claim, whether you purchased it on your own or through work. If your claim has been denied, do not just give up. But rather, you should speak with a qualified workers compensation attorney to determine if it is worth pursuing your claim. Further, we provide consultations for denied claims and no cost or obligation to you.

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