My case involves repetitious work of lifting the mail, putting it over my shoulder to a conveyor belt, and it was very repetitive and heavy mail at times, and I got injured from constantly doing the same thing. I had a pain in my left shoulder and I ignored it. I just didn't think much of it at the time. And then when I first went to my supervisor and told him that I had a pain in my shoulder, and he asked me if I could just take some ibuprofen, and so Okay, so I went back to work, took the ibuprofen. And then three months after that, I went back to him again, telling him I still have the pain and he tells me that he couldn't afford to lose. They were short on staff which and it was true. They were short on staff And that he cannot afford to lose a person at that time. So I went back to work it again. And then three months after that, which and it was March this time. Yes, he did make the fear well, by me being older for one, we have a tendency of not trying not to do anything to lose our jobs because I had a golden mine and my goal was to put away some money, pay off some bills, and that was my goal. And I wasn't gonna let nothing get in my way. But I felt like I was just a number. I felt disrespected And, and I felt like my age was going to be a problem when maybe decided to contact an attorney, is that I went to a counselor and I was telling the counselor about problem and my pain and stuff like that. And he pushed me and suggest for me to get an attorney, I did not want to get one at first because I didn't want to do anything to hurt the company. I thought about it and do some idiot. I did some soul searching and when he explained to me that I won't be getting the company in trouble just I need someone to advise me of my rights and to make sure that my my rice was being exercised. I did some searching. And I did some background checking. like I always do before I jump get into the water, you have to test it. And the one that had the five star and the one that has, I was looking for honesty, and someone that's going to, you know, shove me under the bus and you know Take advantage because you know, you can't trust all laws, all law firms, you know, and this one came out with five star rating. And I did some checking with some other people that I've heard came here and and then the counselor get to find out he came here for some other things. And he brought them in there for me to the premiere nice as well. That's why I hired to get to my case for me. And he was very pleased. It was a breath of fresh air. Even though I think that I was more concerned about me causing you guys stress because I was really nervous. I was afraid. But I you guys were really, really professional. Very good with me very patient with me. And is it was it seems more like I will seem an attorney and a counselor. It's a time because you knew this firm knew how to calm me down, and let me know and that everything's gonna be okay, that guy's going to take good care of me. And you did. I would recommend them to call this place, call this firm. Tell them the situation first, but I will warn them, they not gonna just take your case at first, they have to hear what it's about. And if it's something that is not going to waste your time, and the attorney time because they don't want you to have to come in from far away and then get to find out that they can't take your case. So I will recommend them to get all their paperwork, document everything. keep a diary. If If all possible. Tell less people as possible about your problems and save their problem for when you see a panel Or like an attorney, come in and be prepared and have everything that you could possibly have written. I will tell them to seek an attorney. I will personally recommend this place and tell them to please be as honest as possible. Don't leave anything out. You have rights. And sometimes those rights don't get exercised by the employer.

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