If you have experienced a work injury in Iowa, you probably have lots of questions about your rights in an Iowa Workers' Compensation claim. A Workers' Compensation attorney in Altoona can provide answers to any questions you may have concerning your work injury and how to protect your claim.

To help highlight some of the key areas in which you have certain rights under Iowa Workers' Compensation law, we've listed 10 rights you have after sustaining a work injury. After a work injury you have the right to: 

  1. see your own doctor;
  2. seek alternative medical care;
  3. receive payments for lifelong medical care;
  4. receive cash payments for permanent disability (if applicable);
  5. payment of medical expenses, including mileage to work injury-related appointments;
  6. refuse recommended medical care;
  7. receive payments while you are recovering and not able to work;
  8. receive an independent medical examination;
  9. keep your job; and
  10. find a different job. 

While these rights exist, some of them, such as your right to see your own doctor after a work injury, come with pretty important caveats. You'll want to talk to a Workers' Compensation attorney in Altoona before you take any significant steps in your Iowa Workers' Compensation claim to ensure that your actions don't inadvertently harm your claim in any way. 

Working with a Workers' Compensation attorney in Altoona early in your claim can help you to know what you should and should not do in order to protect your claim.

Contacting a Workers' Compensation Attorney in Des Moines, Iowa

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