We all hope that we can enjoy Halloween with our children and grandchildren safely this year.  For those of you trick or treating with children this year, we want to remind you of some basic safety items to ensure everyone comes home safely. 

Here are some tips and common-sense things to do:

- Remember there will be lots of kids walking around in costumes some of whom may not be paying attention so when you are driving a car, please use extra caution and drive extra slow in areas where there may be children. 

- Instruct your children not to eat any candy or treats until you or another responsible adult looks to see what they have.  We know this one can be difficult especially with older children. 

- Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult who will help look out for cars and generally watch out for safety. 

- Instruct your child to never go into the home of a stranger or get into their car.

- Make sure that children have reflective tape on their costumes and carry a flashlight or glow stick to make them more visible to vehicles. 


The excitement of going trick or treating can sometimes make children and even adults forget some of these common-sense safety tips.  Go through this checklist with children before they go out as they may help prevent a tragedy.  We hope that you and your family have a fun and most importantly Safe HALLOWEEN!

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