With the recent Covid 19- Coronavirus that has taken tens of thousands of lives, it is a good time to reflect and be thankful for all of our medical providers, hospitals and other medical personnel.   For many years, nurses have been ranked as No. 1 most respected and trusted occupation in the US, but they do not always get the thanks they deserve.  For example, here in Iowa the average nurses wages are $15,620 per year below the national average with only 3 states paying lower wages than Iowa.  (Source: www.NurseSalaryGuide.net).  This may be one of the reasons why there is a shortage of nurses in Iowa that seems to be getting worse each year.  While there are 33,280 Registered Nurses (RN's) employed in Iowa along with thousands of LPN's and CNA's Indeed.com shows that there are around 2,000 open nursing positions currently in Iowa.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2022 the US will need 1.1 million new registered nurses alone to meet the demand caused by retirement and an aging population.  So yes, there are lots of jobs in the nursing field and we hope that you or your family members will consider a nursing career.  Nurses can lead very demanding lives where they literally have the lives of their patients in their hands.  You could say that nurses are the heart and lungs of our healthcare system. 

We are very proud to say that both of our grandmothers were registered nurses (Lucille Walker and Francis Daniels).  Since 1997, we have listened to the stories of hundreds of nurses that we have represented in work injury, personal injury and employment law matters.  We know nurses may have questions like:


Is my job protected if I miss time to have a baby or because of another health condition?

What should I do if I am hurt at work?

Does the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) protect me?


Because we appreciate Iowa nurses so much, we have written a book called "The Iowa Nurse Employment Guide- Your A to Z Nursing Handbook" which includes the Iowa Nurses Bill of Rights that we offer at no cost to Iowa nurses and their families.  Finally, Iowa nurses have a resource to turn to in the comfort of their own home with no risk or obligation.  What do other Iowa nurses say about the book?


"Every nurse should have the book" Ruth, RN of Des Moines                                                                     

"Interesting read and must have information."

                                                     Tiffany, CNA of Marion, Iowa


If you or a loved one are a nurse then join the hundreds of Iowa nurses who already have our book by Calling Now 641-792-3595 (24 Hr. Message) or go to www.IowaNurseGuide.com.  Also, be sure to share your copy of this newsletter with your family and friends who are nurses. 


Our Guarantee- We are so confident that our book will help educate Iowa Nurses that if you do not learn at least one thing, let us know and we will donate $1,000 to your charity of choice.


If you support our Iowa nurse education project we would appreciate if you would help us spread the word by going to www.facebook.com/IowaInjured/ and

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