How will I be able to know if I dont have a competent Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney?

Hiring a lawyer to handle your Workers' Comp claim after a work injury can be an intimidating process. To know if your Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney is not competent to file your claim, you will have to do some research into his or her background, credentials and experience with work injury cases.

A good place to start when hiring a lawyer to handle your claim is the lawyer’s website and the Iowa State Bar association. You should look for information about the type of law he or she practices. If Workers' Compensation is not listed, the attorney may not be equipped to handle your claim.

Next, you should find out how much experience the attorney has with work injury claims. If he or she devotes only a small amount of the practice to Workers' Comp claims or has little experience, you may need to keep looking for a qualified Iowa Workers' Compensation attorney.

Ask the attorney questions about the experience he or she has had with your Workers' Comp insurance carrier and their lawyers. If the attorney has filed a claim with your employer’s insurance carrier in the past, he or she will know what to expect when requesting benefits for your injury.

After you have established that the attorney has experience with Workers' Comp claim cases, you need to consider how comfortable you feel with him or her. Hiring a lawyer is a big commitment, especially when dealing with a Workers' Comp claim. Because these kinds of cases can take some time, you will be in constant contact with your attorney and need to trust that he or she will get the job done.

Contacting an Iowa Workers' Compensation Attorney

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