What is light duty status in regards to Des Moines Workers' Compensation?

Consulting a work injury lawyer in Des Moines is a good way to learn all about the Workers' Compensation process and your rights under these laws as an injured worker. Light duty status refers to assuming duties that accommodate an injury or disability sustained at work if you are unable to perform your former duties, and light duty is available. 

After you have been injured at work, Workers' Compensation law dictates that you should be granted a “healing period” in which to recover from your injuries while receiving continued pay and medical treatment. Once you are no longer completely incapacitated, you may be able to return to work. 

However, a lingering injury or disability could make it impossible for you to perform your old job. At this point, your employer should offer you a different or modified job to accommodate your injury if such a job exists; this different or modified job is known as “light duty.” 

If this option is not presented to you and you feel that it should be, contact an experienced work injury attorney in Des Moines. The attorney will make sure your employer treats you fairly and that you're awarded compensation when not treated fairly. 

Should I have light duty status? 

Some employers are not overly fond of workers claiming the need to work less often or less strenuously. But whether you should be on light duty when you return to work must be determined by your doctor. Any restrictions of your working capacity should be put in writing and signed by the physician. If the light duty job pays less than your old job, the difference should be made up through your Workers' Comp benefits. 

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