There are many personal injury attorneys in Iowa to choose from.  How do you find a good one or even the best one for your personal injury matter which includes car accidents, dog bites, and other injury matters?  The best personal injury attorney in Iowa may not be the first attorney you find online or the one your friend says is good.  You should do your own investigation to find out if the attorney is good or even the best attorney for your personal injury matter.  The decision as to who you will hire is too important to leave it up to chance.  Here are some things to look for to find out if you can TRUST the attorneys you are considering.

     Testimonials- What do the attorneys past clients have to say about the legal service they were provided.  Where they happy and would use the same attorney again?  What did they like and not like?  Did the attorney return phone calls?  This information should be available on the attorney's webpage.  Also, you can find this type of information on an independent site like

      Results- Yes, results do matter and if the Iowa personal injury attorney cannot provide you with a list of cases or results then this should raise some concerns.  Yes, some cases are settled in a confidential fashion, but do buy the line that "all my cases are confidential."  It is important to know the track record of the attorney you will trust with your personal injury matter. 

      Updates- How will the attorney keep you up to date about your case and ongoing changes with Iowa law?  Will they send you copies of letters sent and received?  Do they have a monthly newsletter that discusses Iowa law and the new changes it?   

      Service- What is the law firm policy for responding to emails and phone calls?  Will they call you back when they get around to it or will they generally respond within 24 to 48 hours, unless they are on vacation (spending time with our family) or their time is devoted to a trial?.  Will the personal injury attorney call you sometimes just to see how things are going and to update you on your case.

      Timeliness- How will your case be treated?  Does the attorney have so many cases that yours will not be given priority?  When will your case be processed and filed?  These are questions you should ask or risk that your case will be put at the bottom of the pile.

Overall, whether you can TRUST the personal injury attorney from Iowa you decide to hire is very important.  Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to find the best personal injury attorney for you and your Iowa injury matter. 

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