Preventing Car Accidents in Iowa Winter Months

While the best way to stay safe during the winter months in Iowa is to stay off the roads that obviously isn’t always possible.  Knowing how to best prepare your car and yourself for driving in the winter will help you to prevent car accidents in the winter.  Your safety starts with preparing your car properly to be best equipped for driving in the winter conditions of Iowa.

  • Tires – The first way to prepare your car for harsh winter conditions in Iowa is to make sure your tires have adequate snow traction.  Whether you purchase special snow tires for the winter conditions of Iowa or simply maintain your year-round tires, you’ll want to make sure your tires have the proper amount of tread to prevent car crashes in the winter.  Regardless of the type of tires you use, the tread should measure at least 6/32 inches deep to be considered safe.
  • Windshield Wipers – It’s imperative to replace your windshield wipers before the winter in Iowa.  Since your windshield wipers are the main way to make sure you have a clear view of the road and all of your surroundings in order to prevent car accidents, you’ll want new windshield wipers that can provide you with a clear view all of the time.  It’s also good to check your windshield washer system, making sure it’s fully functioning and has anti-icing fluid before the cold weather hits.
  • Lights – Using your lights will help others to see you, hopefully helping you avoid a car accident, so making sure they are properly prepared for the harsh winter conditions is imperative.  Make sure all lights are properly working often during the winter and always make sure that both your headlights and taillights are free from snow and debris before driving.
  • Air-Conditioner – While wintertime in Iowa might not make you think of using the air conditioner, it will quickly become your go-to tool for avoiding car accidents in Iowa.  Using the air conditioner will help you to remove condensation and frost from the inside of your windows giving you a clear view of the road.  Run the air conditioner with the fresh air option on and the temperature on hot so that you don’t get any colder in the cold winter air.

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