Last Updated: 1/4/2023

If you’re injured at work, a Newton Workers' Comp attorney can help ensure your rights are not violated. For example, if you have suffered a concussion as a result of a work injury, you should not feel pressured to return to work as soon as possible; take the time to let your concussion heal completely. 

Concussions may occur in various industries for a number of reasons. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite among the leading causes of concussions falls, unintentional strikes to the head with an object and unintentionally hitting your head on an object. While some industries may carry greater risk of such incidents, they may occur in many different work environments. 

If you suffered such an injury while performing the normal duties of your job, you likely are entitled to receive Workers' Compensation benefits. If, for any reason, your employer does refuse, contact Newtown Workers' Comp attorney. 

Recovering from a Concussion 

The word “concussion” does not get the same emotional response from people as “traumatic brain injury,” but a concussion is actually a mild traumatic brain injury. You and your employer should expect an extended period of recovery for this injury. 

Typically, concussions can affect four areas of your mental functioning: 

  • thinking and remembering;
  • physical pain or discomfort;
  • mood and emotional problems; and
  • changes in sleep patterns. 

Many people report “just not feeling like themselves” or feeling slowed down. If you have completely recovered from your physical pain but are still having problems remembering new or old information or experiencing difficulty concentrating, you may still be suffering from the effects of a concussion. 

The physical symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting, trouble balancing, dizziness, lack of energy, sensitivity to light, ringing in the ears and more. These physical symptoms can be accompanied by sudden mood swings or general irritability, as well as sleeping more or less than you used to. 

If you still experience any of these problems long after your work injury, your concussion could be a lingering problem, and you may not be able to return to your normal work duties. The best treatment for a concussion is rest. Always go back to your doctor if your symptoms persist. Any legal issues may best be handled by a Newton Workers' Comp attorney. 

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