Last Updated: 11/2/2023

You might need shoulder decompression surgery if you injured your shoulder in a car accident. Shoulder decompression surgery, usually called subacromial decompression, treats nerve impingement syndrome that results from a shoulder injury. Many of these procedures are performed arthroscopically (with small incisions and using an arthroscope) rather than via open procedures, minimizing recovery time.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a painful condition characterized by the narrowing of space located between the small bone on the top of the shoulder (acromion) and the rotator cuff. This can cause the bone to impinge upon the rotator cuff tendon and the bursa in the shoulder. It can lead to pain and inflammation.

How Arthroscopic Shoulder Decompression Surgery Works

Shoulder decompression surgery requires two very small incisions in the shoulder, one at the deltoid joint and one directly above the rotator cuff. The surgeon uses an arthroscope to inspect and examine the tissues and injury. The surgeon will then use the tool to remove and smooth bone and soft tissue causing the impingement and inflammation.

Recovery Time for Arthroscopic Shoulder Decompression

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), after surgery, the arm will be placed in a sling. Once you are able, you will remove the sling and may begin exercises and rehabilitation to regain full mobility and function. You may achieve full pain relief after two to four months, according to the AAOS, though some patients may require up to a year.

You Can Recover Compensation for Surgery after a Car Wreck

Any surgery can be expensive and patients may miss work as they undergo the procedure and recover from it. Further, the pain and discomfort may limit the patient’s ability to work, especially in jobs requiring use of the shoulder.

But accident victims who suffer shoulder injuries and require surgery like decompression surgery have options to recover compensation. Under Iowa law, if another motorist caused your accident, you may recover compensation from his liability policy. You may recover damages to pay for medical bills, replace lost wages or reduced earning capacity, and to cover pain and suffering. Hire a car accident lawyer to help you quantify and pursue damages.

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