Last Updated: 2/22/2024

We all practice extra caution while driving during winter months because we are aware of the risks that snow and ice bring to Iowa roads.  What many of us forget is how slick and dangerous a fresh rain makes the roadways of Iowa as well, putting us all at risk for a serious car accident.  Sometimes the slickness of the roads from a fresh rain is even more dangerous than the conditions that snow and ice provide, especially since drivers are less likely to be more cautious in the rain, because in their mind “it’s only rain”.

Accidents that happen as a result of slick roads due to rain can range from minor fender benders all the way to fatal accidents altering the life of the victim’s family forever.  Being aware of the top tips to stay safe while driving on rain-slicked roads is one way to help prevent unnecessary accidents as a result of the rain in Iowa.  While not every accident is preventable, doing the most that we can to prevent accidents will help us stay safe.

Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

  • Slow Down – One of the most important steps you can take to prevent an accident on rainy days is to slow down.  Not only will reducing your speed help you to remain control of your car in a dangerous situation, it will also give you better-stopping power on the slick roads.
  • Keep Greater Distance – Along with reducing your speed, it’s important to keep a greater distance from the car in front of you than you normally would in good weather.  This allows you more room to stop or react, should an emergency arise.
  • Drive in the Middle Lane – When it’s raining, water tends to pool up in the outside lanes, giving you less control over your car.  Driving in the middle lane will avoid the pooling of water and keep you safer.
  • Avoid Trucks or Buses – Following too closely behind buses or trucks will limit your visibility as the spray that they send off from their large tires can potentially limit or block your visibility all together, potentially causing you to lose control of your car and causing a serious car accident.
  • Don’t Slam on Brakes – Slamming on your brakes could instantly send your vehicle hydroplaning, giving you less control over your car, and putting you at serious risk for a car accident in Iowa.
  • Maintain your Tires – Tires that are worn down or have uneven tread will most likely lose control in wet conditions, causing you to spin out or just lose basic control of your car, putting you at risk for a head-on collision or other serious car accident in Iowa.


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