Posted on May 08, 2014

Biking season is here and we encourage all road users to respect one another and create a safe transportation environment. Bicycles are legally considered vehicles on the roads and can be overlooked when others are not paying attention.  The best way to avoid an accident is to be alert and watch out for bicyclists when driving.  It may sound simple, but many collisions happen each and every year that could have been easily avoided. Our campaign is helping promote safety as temperatures begin to rise and more biking enthusiasts are out. We are giving away bumper stickers this season to anyone who would like one at no cost.  Let's make this year a safe and fun riding season by spreading the message to look out for our bicyclists!

Order bumper stickers for you along with your friends and family today. We will send out as many as you would like by ordering here: Look4Bicycle

Corey Walker
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