1.  LIE or OMIT THE TRUTH: That's right.  The insurance company for the other side is not required to tell you the truth, tell you about your rights or represent you or your best interests in anyway.  In fact, often they will tell "white lies" like send us all of your medical bills and "we will take care of them".  In personal injury cases this does not mean they will actually pay for your bills, but rather they will ignore them hoping you get turned into collections and the pressure will increase upon you to settle your case for less than what you should.  Hint: request our book to find out how to best handle medical bills in an Iowa injury case. adjustor

2.  TAKING RECORDED STATEMENTS:  Insurance adjustors are trained to ask you questions in such a way that you may end up damaging the value of your case.  Unless you have previously been prepared to have your deposition taken, you will likely be unprepared for a recorded statement and may significantly damage your case.  For example, the insurance adjustor may ask you "before the accident, did you ever have back pain?"  Your first answer may be "No", thinking that you were not having back pain prior to the accident or that you have not had back pain like this before.  However, if your medical records show prior treatment for back pain, then you have just harmed your credibility and the value of your case as they will accuse you of lying or trying to hide prior medical treatment. 

3.  TRYING TO FORCE YOU INTO AN UNFAIR SETTLEMENT: Depending upon the type of case, sometimes insurance adjustors will tell you that you should have healed months ago, that your case is bad and that they are making their final offer and will never pay more.  Some insurance adjustors are rude trying to pressure you to settle right away so you do not have to deal with them anymore.  Other insurance adjustors are nice and act like they are your best friend and tell you that signing the settlement paperwork is part of the process.  Warning:  If you choose to sign the settlement documents, then chances are you will be stuck with what you signed.   Before agreeing to any settlement, you should learn about your rights and if what they are offering you is fair and reasonable or not. 

For more information, including how to avoid common costly mistakes, what your rights are under Iowa law and whether or not you even need an attorney in your case, request a copy of our injury book that applies to your claim.  We offer our books at no cost because since 1997 we have represented injured Iowans and seen far too many make costly mistakes before they had the right information so request your copy today.  Request your copy today and as a bonus, watch our video series HERE which tells you 21 Things You Need to Know About Iowa Work Injuries.

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