If You Suffer a Spondylolysis Back Injury, Workers' Compensation May Be Available

Spondylolysis is a lower back injury for which workers' comp benefits may be recoverable. Repetitive straining, stretching or stress on the lower lumbar region of the back can cause a defect like a fracture known as spondylolysis, which may cause a vertebra to slip (spondylolisthesis).

The condition may develop for a number of reasons, including job-related physical activity in which case an Iowa workers' compensation lawyer may help pursue benefits.

If this injury is related to employment, one may be entitled to treatment covered by workers' compensation. To determine qualifications, one should first inform his or her employer of symptoms and let him or her know an evaluation from a doctor is needed.

Consult first with a primary care physician who may refer a specialist if necessary. An X-ray can show if a vertebra, typically the L5, is slipped out of place and causing pain. Specialists may order a CT or MRI scan to determine if any damage was done to the soft tissue, such as pinched nerves or pressure on the spinal cord.

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan from a doctor is obtained, inform the employer of the situation so they can file the necessary workers' compensation case documentation. If the doctor requires special medical equipment such as a back brace, workers' compensation coverage should allow for assistive items such as these to be provided. Other benefits under workers' compensation may include disability benefits.

Discuss Rights with an Iowa Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Rest and relaxation is the first option for relief in many cases, which means workers' compensation coverage should allow for the necessary paid time off. If the employer is challenging a back injury or workers' compensation case or refusing to follow a doctor's treatment plan for time out or light duty, one has the right to fight the decision with the help of an attorney.

Walker, Billingsley and Bair can provide consultation with an Iowa workers' compensation lawyer so injured workers can discuss whether his or her case of spondylolysis may qualify for benefits. Call (888) 435-9886 or fill out our contact form to discuss a back injury and workers' comp benefits with a lawyer.

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