Among the most common serious motorcycle injuries are fractures, road rash and injuries to the brain and spinal cord. When negligence is the cause of a motorcycle crash, a motorcycle accident attorney in Des Moines, Iowa can help victims pursue compensation to address the financial, emotional and physical consequences.

Common Types of Serious Motorcycle Injuries

Virtually any part of the body is at risk of suffering a broken bone in a motorcycle crash. When the break is severe, such as one where the bone protrudes through the skin, there is also a risk of infection. Certain types of fractures could also result in serious complications. For instance, a fracture that causes immobilization for a lengthy period of time may increase risk of blood clots or bedsores.

Road rash is similar to a burn. It occurs when a motorcyclist’s body makes contact with the ground, such as from skidding across pavement. The most severe type of road rash can cause damage to the tissues and muscles underneath the skin.

Individuals may be susceptible to infections following these motorcycle injuries and may require skin grafts to facilitate new growth and cover exposed areas. Compensation for these and other expenses may be pursued with help from a motorcycle accident attorney in Des Moines, Iowa.

A severe traumatic brain injury after a motorcycle crash can affect a person in a variety of ways, which largely depends on the severity of the injury. A mild concussion may cause temporary confusion, headache, and more, while more severe TBI could lead to more serious complications. It could range from long-term problems with memory and concentration, to changes in personality. There may be impairments with movement and coordination, or it could cause psychological damage such as anxiety and depression.

Spinal cord injuries after a motorcycle crash also range from minor injuries like a herniated disc that causes discomfort and pain to serious damage to the spinal cord.

When the spinal cord is affected, other parts of the body could also be affected depending on the location of the injury. Severe motorcycle injuries may result in chronic pain and even paralysis. A victim could end up spending the rest of his or her life in a wheelchair and necessitate regular medical care.

Talking to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Des Moines, Iowa

If serious motorcycle injuries are sustained, victims and their families may find themselves burdened with medical bills and other expenses related to long-term care.

Lost wages may also be an issue if the individual is kept from working for a long period of time. A claim filed with a motorcycle accident attorney in Des Moines, Iowa may address these financial damages, as well as emotional damages like pain and suffering.

Victims of these accidents should seek consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney in Des Moines, Iowa, as damages may be extensive and recovery of compensation can be important. An attorney at Walker, Billingsley & Bair can help victims review details of their motorcycle crash and file a claim for compensation related to the motorcycle injuries they suffered.

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