Seat belts are crucial when it comes to saving lives and preventing injuries in a car accident. But while seat belts keep people safe, there are some cases where they might cause shoulder injuries. In the event of seat belt injuries to the shoulder in an accident, you may be able to recover damages if the seat belt was defective in some way.

Shoulder Injuries from a Seat Belt

When a car accident occurs, the motion of the seat belt locking down and restricting the body combined with the victim grasping the steering wheel and slamming forward can result in a shoulder injury. Below are some common types of injuries that may cause shoulder pain after a car accident.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, depending upon the type of injury, treatment may involve the following.

  • Shoulder conditioning exercises
  • Surgery
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

While the injuries above are often preferable to the injuries that a victim may sustain without a seat belt, many of these injuries are avoidable.

When a Shoulder Injury is the Result of a Seat Belt Defect or Insufficiency

In some cases, a seat belt causes a shoulder injury because the driver/passenger wasn’t wearing the belt properly at the time of the accident. Other times, though, a victim using a belt as instructed is nonetheless injured.

When this happens, it may be because the seat belt is defective or because the seat belt is insufficient for adequate protection. If a car contains a defective or insufficient seat belt and the seat belt causes a shoulder injury that the occupant would not have suffered otherwise if the seat belt was working sufficiently, the manufacturer of the vehicle/seat belt may be liable for damages in a product liability lawsuit.

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