If you are considering hiring a car accident lawyer for your Iowa claim, then you should know that qualified lawyers usually operate under the following:

            1. There are no up-front fees or charges so you do not have to pay a retainer or any money;

            2. The attorney is only paid if they win which is known as a contingency fee.  If they win the case then it is a percentage usually ranging from 30% if the case settles, 33.33% if the case is litigated and up to 40% if the case ends up on appeal;

            3. The attorney does not just take every case that comes in the door, but rather only takes cases where they believe they can make a difference in the amount of compensation you will receive; and

            4. The attorney will handle all contact with the insurance companies, obtain your medical records and bills on your behalf and keep you updated about what is going on.


If the lawyer you are considering hiring varies from the above, then this may be a red flag for you and you may want to consider speaking with another lawyer.  For example:

            a. Some law firms take every case that comes in the door in hopes that a few of them will end up being good cases.  You can guess how much time they will spend on the other cases, one of which may be your case; or

            b. Other lawyers may try to save their time and expense money and ask that you obtain all of your medical records and bills.  If the lawyer is not willing to spend a few hundred dollars to get your medical records and some staff time to write letters requesting them, then how invested are they going to be in your case. 


At our office we handle all injury cases on a contingency fee, you never required to pay any money up-front, we only take cases in which we think we can make a difference to our clients and obtain all the medical records and bills for our clients.  There are many other things that we do such as dealing with the insurance adjustors, subrogation holders, sending copies of letters to our clients, etc. 


For more information about Iowa car accident cases and how we may be able to help you request a copy of Iowa Car Accident book which reveals 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Claim.  


If you need immediate assistance or have more questions feel free to call our office at (641) 792-3595 and ask to speak with one of our car accident attorneys.  

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