Right to a Second Opinion

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Every week injured workers ask us, do I have a right to a second opinion? The answer is yes. If the insurance company has admitted that your claim is work related and provided you with medical care, then once their doctor has placed you at maximum medical improvement, and provided you with an impairment rating, then you have a right to a second opinion under Iowa Code Section 85.39. Keep in mind that sometimes the insurance company will refuse to request an impairment rating or refuse to authorize a second opinion. There is a petition that you can file with the workers compensation agency in order to force them to pay for your second opinion. There are specific requirements that you must follow and it is a good idea to consult with an attorney before trying to file a petition like this on your own. Also, keep in mind, that is very important who you choose to do your second opinion examination. You should not just randomly choose any doctor to have a second opinion with. Some doctors do not have adequate training to properly evaluate your injuries. While other doctors work mostly for insurance companies and can give you a biased opinion which will not help your case. I have several doctors throughout the state of Iowa that I am comfortable sending your workers to for an evaluation and can help get you to a good doctor for your case. If a second opinion is necessary.

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