Labor Day Travel 2015: Lower Gas Prices, More Travelers Means Greater Accident Risk for Iowa Drivers

Labor Day marks the end of the 100 busiest highway travel days of the year, a time that begins on Memorial Day weekend. The good news from AAA-Iowa is that we're looking at some of the lowest gas prices in recent history for this Labor Day holiday weekend. The state average at the moment is $2.51, according to the most current reports. Perhaps not surprisingly given the lower gas prices, Labor Day travel this year is expected to rise. A recent motorist poll found that approximately 86 percent of AAA club members are planning to drive this holiday weekend.

Low Gas Prices and Labor Day Holiday Means Heavy Traffic in Iowa

National estimates for Labor Day travel in 2015 from AAA show approximately 35.5 million travelers on U.S. roads over the four-day weekend, up slightly from last year. With more drivers comes more traffic and therefore a higher risk of car accidents.

Holiday weekends are notoriously more apt to result in crashes due to people rushing to get to parties or barbeques, and then returning after an afternoon and evening spent drinking. If you are planning a Labor Day weekend road trip, follow these preparation tips.

  • Make sure you plan your route ahead of time and check with local highway authorities for any construction that may delay your trip.
  • Watch the weather prior to your trip and consider postponing your departure if heavy storms are expected during your drive time.
  • Plan to leave with plenty of time to spare so you don't feel rushed if you hit traffic or unexpected delays.
  • Take frequent breaks while driving to stretch and rest – driver fatigue can increase your risk of an accident.
  • Make sure you have a car emergency kit packed and ready in your vehicle.

Remember that law enforcement also tends to increase patrols during holiday weekends. Officers will likely be out in greater force watching for aggressive and drunk drivers.

Stay Safe this Labor Day Weekend

Remember that if you're attending a Labor Day party, please celebrate responsibly and never drink and drive. Exercise caution when you’re on the road, even when you're sober because there's no guarantee that other drivers near you are alert or sober. And of course, if you become injured by an irresponsible driver this weekend, we can help you with the legal claim that follows.

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