As we wrap-up yet another summer, the busy summer vacation and travel season is winding down.  We hope that you and your family have had a safe and accident free summer. 

Did you know that historically August has the most car accident fatalities of any month?  Not  surprisingly, May through October have the highest number of vehicle miles traveled each year and also the highest number of injury car accidents.  If you, a family member or friend have been injured in a car accident how do you know if you need an attorney or not?  Yes, there are some cases where you do not need an attorney involved who will take a percentage of your recovery. 


The following are 4 common signals that you will need an attorney: 

1. You were transported by ambulance to the hospital.

While it is not required to prove that you were injured, if you were transported by an ambulance to the hospital then your injuries may be more serious.  This is especially true if you were transported and then admitted to the hospital for your injuries. 

2. You were taken off work for one week or more.

If your injuries were serious enough that you had to miss one or more week of work, then this is another indication that at the very least you should speak with a well qualified and respected Iowa car accident attorney. 

3. You have symptoms and problems that have lasted for one month or longer. 

If your car crash related problems have lasted one month or longer, this is an indication that your injuries may be serious.  Serious injuries require serious legal help so that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company. 

4. You sustained fractures, required surgery, were knocked unconscious or you were diagnosed with a concussion.

These are all serious injuries which can cause you a lifetime of pain and problems.  Under Iowa law you are to be compensated for your loss of quality of life, physical and emotional pain, loss of full mind and body, etc.  While you can try to handle a serious injury case on your own, keep in mind that insurance adjustor are trained to pay you as little as possible for your injuries and they are not required to tell you the truth about Iowa laws, your rights or your responsibilities.  What happens if the other driver only has $20,000 in insurance coverage which does not even cover your medical bills?  What is the process to bring a UIM (underinsured motorist claim)?  If you have questions like these, we are happy to speak with you, your family or friends.  Just call (641) 792-3595 and we will provide you with a 30 minute Car Accident Evaluation at no cost or risk. 


If you are not ready to call an attorney yet, but would like to know the answers to the above questions and much more, then request our latest book called “The Legal Insider’s Guide to Iowa Car Accidents" which reveals 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Case.  To order your copy go to or Call Now 641-792-3595.  We offer our Iowa car accident book at no cost because we have seen too many hard working Iowans hurt in car accidents who made mistakes which cost them thousand of dollars.  Iowans hurt in car accidents are beginning to realize that the insurance company for the other driver is not there to help them and that they should learn about Iowa's car accident laws.  Finally, there is a book about car accidents in Iowa that you can review in the comfort of your own home with no pressure. 


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