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If you are injured while working in Iowa, it is crucial to understand Iowa's workers' compensation laws. Additionally, it is important to know how impairment ratings can affect the benefits you receive.

The insurance company typically pays your impairment rating on a weekly basis. However, there are instances where they may provide a one-time payment instead. This is particularly true if a settlement has been reached or depending on the specific insurance company.

Steps To Take after Receiving an Impairment Rating

Once you have recovered as much as possible following the injury, the doctor will notify the insurance company of any impairment rating he or she has assigned to you. If you receive an impairment rating indicating a permanent impairment, you may receive permanent partial disability benefits. Based on the doctor’s rating, the insurer will determine how long you will receive disability benefits.

Make sure a Medical Report Transmittal Form is filled out when submitting medical information to the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. This is required if you suffer permanent disability and/or your temporary total/partial disability extends beyond 13 weeks. There are fields to identify the body part that’s permanently impaired as well as the percentage of impairment. The form may be submitted via mail or fax.

If you do not agree with the doctor’s impairment rating, you can request an independent medical examination (IME) with a physician of your choosing and at the employer’s expense. To do so, submit Form 100A along with the physician’s report to the employer.

Here are some essential points you need to know about impairment ratings and what the workers' compensation insurance company should pay:

1. No Signing Needed

You don't have to sign any papers to get paid for your impairment rating from the insurance company.

2. Be Aware of Your Entitlements

In many cases, you should receive more than just the impairment rating. Settling your case prematurely, even over the phone, could lead to a significant loss of benefits amounting to thousands of dollars.

3. Lump Sum Payments

You are able to obtain a lump sum payment and accrued interest while retaining the ability to pursue potential future claims.

4. Understand Your Case Type

Before discussing settlement options, determine the type of benefits you should receive.

Your case might fall under:
Industrial disability injury: (benefits based upon your impairment rating, restrictions, age, etc., and a percentage of 500 weeks)
Scheduled member injury: (your impairment rating is multiplied by the body part injured, for example, a 10% leg impairment is 10% X 220 weeks = 22 weeks)

You may also qualify for Iowa Second Injury Fund Benefits. The type of case you have will significantly impact the compensation you are entitled to.

5. Don't Settle Blindly

Entering into a compromise settlement without a full understanding of your case could lead to financial losses.
For instance, agreeing to a lump-sum payment in a scheduled member injury case might prevent you from claiming Iowa Second Injury Fund benefits later.

6. Seek Legal Advice

Before considering any settlement offer, educate yourself about Iowa's workers' compensation laws and consult with an attorney. Seeking professional advice will ensure you make informed decisions about your case.

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