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These are some of the topics covered several times a year in a newsletter entitled The Iowa Legal Insider sent to your home free of charge by Iowa Injury Attorney Corey Walker and Walker & Billingsley.  Our attorneys understand and believe that most legal disputes could be avoided if people knew more about the legal system and how to prevent legal problems.  Just like with medicine or your car, a little preventative maintenance can go along ways. 

There is absolutely no cost or obligation and we routinely have drawings to win race tickets to the Iowa Speedway, Richard Petty Driving School Ride-Alongs, etc.  If you subscribe and later feel like we are wasting your time, there is a toll-free number and an email address in every issue that you can contact to cancel.  Don’t worry, these are not the boring, “canned” newsletters that most firms buy and slap their name onto.  We write it and we aim to provoke people to pay more attention to their legal affairs.  Also, we do not share our mail/email lists with anyone!

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